October 23rd
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Charges Dropped In Goat Graffiti Case

Wednesday, April 11th, 2007 at 11:43 by Matt Rhodes

Ever had the urge to do something a bit weird? You know something like spray painting a goats testicals orange? No? Well somebody has.

Drew Gagnon from, you’ve guessed it, America (or Mahopec in New York state to be more precise) broke into a barn and painted the ’special area’ of three goats orange. Reports in the Journal News said he was arrested in November 2006 and charged with animal cruelty and burglary. The charges have subsequently been dropped.

Mr Gagnon, 37 entered the barn after been driven there at 2 a.m. by his friend Douglas Bisio and left pornographic magazines at the scene of the crime. Two of the goats became ill after eating said magazines.

The goats owner Bryce Fiero agreed to drop the charges in exchange for the odd pair to make a donation to the Putnam Humane Society which is a rehoming charity for dogs and cats. The men have also agreed to stay off Mr Fiero’s property.

Bryce said in a statement outside the Carmel Justice court: ‘My family and I just want to put this ordeal behind us and we believe a donation to the Humane Society would be helpful…You try to forgive and forget. We may not forget this, but we will try to forgive.’ I think I’d have trouble forgetting the sight of painted goats balls also, wouldn’t you?

The reason for the incident remains unclear but at the time of his arrest police believed it was part of an ongoing pattern of harassment from Gagnon towards the Fiero family.

Gagnon is now a household name after the original incident was reported throughout the world which comes with mixed blessings presumably…

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