October 23rd
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Croc Smuggler

Wednesday, March 28th, 2007 at 11:47 by Matt Rhodes

Some people will try and get anything through customs these days. Fags, booze, bombs and now crocodiles.

A woman was stopped on the Gaza-Egypt border crossing after guards said she looked ’strangely fat’. The reason for this? She had 3 crocodiles strapped to her body.

The womans bizarre shape raised suspicions at the Rafah terminal in southern Gaza. A body search by a female officer uncovered said crocodiles each of which were around 50cm long.

Maria Telleria spokesperson for the European observers who run the crossing said: ‘The woman looked strangely fat. Even though she was veiled and covered, even with so many clothes on there was something strange.’

The crossing was plunged into panic as the creatures were discovered. ‘ The policewoman screamed and ran out of the room, and then women began screaming and panicking when they heard…Bloody women.’ Telleria said, kind of.
When everything had calmed down a little bit Talleria went onto say: ‘Everybody was admiring a woman who can tie crocodiles to her body.’ Well you would wouldn’t you?

Wael Dahab a spokesman for the Palestinian guards at the crossing said the woman had been asked to carry them through and were probably meant for sale to a zoo or to a private collector. The animals could fetch upto $500 each even in such an impoverished region.

The crocodiles were returned to the Egyptian side of the border.

Crocodiles aren’t the first wild animals to be unsuccesfully smuggled over the Rafah border. Another woman tried to get through with a monkey tied to her chest and other travellers have had exotic birds and even a tiger cub about their person.

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