June 28th
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Blue Peter Caught Cheating

Wednesday, March 14th, 2007 at 13:37 by Eliza E. Lanyard

or we discover yet one more childhood hero has feet made of clay

Yes, gasp in horror and disbelief as yet another surety comes crashing to the ground - none other than moral guardians and flagship of the BBC - Blue Peter has been found telling porky pies over a phone in competition held last November.

Those of us of a certain age and certain cynicism are gobsmacked at the news from BBC HQ today. It makes the trashing of the Blue Peter garden and the unsurprising news (as you can’t be that chirpy without some kind of stimulant), that one of its presenters had been found taking illegal drugs, pale into insignificance.

It seems technical problems prevented callers from getting through to answer the competition question. Rather than cancel the competition a visiting child was asked to pose as a caller, which they did, and they won the prize.

There is going to be an independant investigation after a complaint led to an internal investigation which discovered the awful truth - that Blue Peter were guilty of telling fibs.

The BBC’s Childrens Controller (a more sinister job title you’d be hard pushed to find) Richard Deverell has apologised unreservedly and said it was a ‘exceptional incident’.

As yet reports of Percy Thrower and Petra turning in their graves are unconfirmed.

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2 Comments on “Blue Peter Caught Cheating”

  1. theo Says:

    There is a standard upload letter of outrage on some consumer website or other that can be copied and pasted into the relevant ‘complaints’ section of what one is complaining about whether its about banks, television phone ins etc ad infinitum. The one i particularly like is the one i filed a few years ago against the low quality beef we were ( are ) feeding our kids.

  2. Sharon Says:

    Reports are that ‘Petra’ has two graves anyhow!

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