October 23rd
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Reward For Scientists To Reverse Global Warning

Sunday, February 11th, 2007 at 11:15 by Matt Rhodes

Sir Richard Branson has offered a $25m (£12.8m) reward to any scientist who can come up with an idea to save the planet from climate change. Backed by Al Gore and other esteemed earth lovers, Branson wants someone to invent something to extract greenhouse gases from the atmosphere.

He has been inspired by James Lovelock, creator of the Gaia Theory, which suggests that the world may have already crossed a “tipping point”. Sir Richard has described it as the largest prize ever offered and has compared it to the competition for a person to devise a method of estimating longitude accurately.

Blimey! He’s into everything these days. But if the governments of the world won’t sort it out someone has to, and sooner rather than later.

He said, “We have no hope of a meaningful solution unless we find a way to work together…necessity is the mother of invention.”

For £12.8m I might have a stab at that. I’ve got some spare bits of wood in the shed…

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2 Comments on “Reward For Scientists To Reverse Global Warning”

  1. DannyMackay Says:

    We just need a good old plague - the black death led to the mini-ice age of the middle ages and early industrial era - thanks to once ploughed land falling into disuse so that brambles and trees could grow and suck up carbon dioxide.

    So should we reward bio-terrorists?

  2. Roger Thomas Says:

    It was already invented. The entry that the Governments consultants wanted to support in the 2001 competition to run the Millennium Dome was as a global environmental management centre. We have only recently managed to get the competition criteria. Having looked at this it appears AEG probably should not have won with it’s venue and now failed casino idea. Perth SNP MP Pete Wishart has now written back to the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister over the competition. This story has been ongoing for years though the media haven’t any interest in it. As BBC News 24 told me I am not a media personality or celebrity so there would be no real interest in my work, though they did admit it was very good and accurate. Richard Branson proves the point. He is a celebrity so gets the attention just looking for a solution, me with the solutions doesn’t get any coverage because I am not a celebrity. This is a big story to cover this link will give you an introduction.

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