August 17th
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Jo O’Meara Bites Back Against Big Brother

Monday, February 5th, 2007 at 20:06 by Adam Williams

Nothing like a little notoriety to give your career a pick-me-up… or not.

Following the storm over the alleged ‘racist’ bullying on Celebrity Big Brother, Jo O’Meara is now calling for the show to be scrapped. We can only assume that this is a selfless attempt to protect other z-list celebrities’ from wrecking their already tenuous careers on national television.

Apparently, she is not the person that she was portrayed as on the show, and it is all “so unfair and cruel”. Which is odd, as we always thought the whole point of Big Bother and it’s ‘Celebrity’ offshoot was to be exactly that: You either make yourself a star and resurrect your career, or sink without trace. The ever-more-frenzied comments from the likes of O’Meara suggest that the latter is currently the safe bet.

Talking of money, if O’Meara is so bothered about her appearance on the show, has she donated her appearance fee to charity? And as for the ratings boost Endemol has enjoyed thanks to this sorry mess, well, it’ll no doubt be business as usual for Big Brother.

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One Comment on “Jo O’Meara Bites Back Against Big Brother”

  1. theo Says:

    Here’s where editorial and contributors differ on this one:
    Maybe just maybe even third rate bullying z-listers have some sort of human rights that must not be stripped of them Iraqi torturer style by the editors of an entertainment show! maybe just maybe however devoid we all are of sympathy for pat butcher (sans good looks ) she deserves a little honesty from the manipulations of the editors. Any bullying is rotten and now the grim prog is over we should learn a lesson from the now victim herself and desist from the same derogatory bullying OURSELVES! Or maybe not ..lets work out all our petty jealousies, inadequacies and inner turmoil on this woman and maybe just maybe our wives, husbands , children will go another day without a beating.

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