November 27th
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Judge Halts Case Against Citizen’s Arrest Chip-Shop Owner

Saturday, February 3rd, 2007 at 13:35 by Ellen Phillips

Judge John Dowse halted a case against chip-shop owner Nicholas Tyers, 46, and his son, Lee, a Royal Marine, for kidnapping and wrongful imprisonment. What had they done? Performed a citizen’s arrest on a 12 year-old boy, holding him for 6 minutes before turning him over to the police.

For “boy” read “out of control ASBO-worthy piece of scum”.*

This is a kid who has a reputation for truanting, has scared off customers by spitting at them and making obscene gestures, and smashed Mr Tyers’ window. He also talked of his brothers fire-bombing the shop. A model citizen? Hardly.

But when he complained, the police felt they “had to investigate”, arrested the two men, took their fingerprints, charged them, and threatened them with life imprisonment. The Crown Prosecution Service, noted for it’s judgement and common sense in deciding which cases to bring to court, decided to bring the case before the court.

To date, it’s cost Mr Tyers his business, 6 months of hell, and the £60,000 of taxpayers’ money.

There’s no word on whether the little brat was charged with making threats and criminal damage. So once again, the police and the CPS prove they’ve no interest in dealing with criminals. They’d far rather harass, threaten and intimidate the people they’re supposed to serve. Thank goodness there’s still a judge left with some sense.


*Of course, I’ve never met the kid. He could be charming, polite and intelligent. But really, what are the odds of that?

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One Comment on “Judge Halts Case Against Citizen’s Arrest Chip-Shop Owner”

  1. theo Says:

    This is a notoriously difficult area of the law and without boring you senseless an arrest by a citizen on another has to be very carefully done . What we know and what the police thought happened may be miles apart but I know exactly the feelings of the fish and chip shop proprietor having witnessed a lot of incidence late a night in take aways. The problem here sounds like the age of the boy ( very young) , which must have rung alarm bells in the arresting officers head for reasons other than the c.arrest itself.

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