August 17th
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Home-Made Greek Cancer Treatment Causes Chaos

Saturday, February 3rd, 2007 at 12:31 by Matt Rhodes

A ‘miracle’ home-made cancer cure, consisting of olive leaves and water, has been causing chaos throughout Greece thanks to an hysterical media campaign.

The Health Ministry are pointing the finger at popular TV shows for parading around elderly people who claim to have recovered from their ailments after swallowing the thick, green liquid.

In one extreme instance, sparked by the overwhelming press coverage, an argument between two brothers over whether to give the concoction to their other brother ended in a fatal stabbing.

Olive leaves are incredibly common in Greece but you can now expect to pay around 60 euros per kilo as upwardly mobile individuals seize upon the media frenzy.

Greek boffins are furious. The Central Medical Council are warning that the drink has not been tested, doctors are worried that patients may abandon their current treatments and die, and scientists are telling the public that only doctors can verify if the drink does have healing properties; a process which could take years.

Leading heart surgeon and former health minister Dimitris Kremastinos believes that anything that results in a murder has gone too far. (I’d be inclined to agree.)

Oh dear. Naughty media again. When will they ever learn? Never mind, give it a week and they’ll have decided that olive leaves are actually carcinogenic.

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One Comment on “Home-Made Greek Cancer Treatment Causes Chaos”

  1. theo Says:

    Underlying european Greek high culture there lies undisturbed by science or education a substratum of ancient peasant ignorance, cruelty and superstition it exists in every corner of the untouched Hellenic past, throw in the high cost of medical care and the fear of a slow painful death without your children to take for you because the cities have claimed them and you have a unique combination of hope and emotions. Of course there is a fair share of urban dwellers only a pebbles throw away from their ignorant peasant past who are taken in by the media ( especially the glossy magazines) and are ready and primed for exploitation ( just like the British and their penchant for healers and alternative therapists)! Don’t blame the ignorant for wanting to be healthy and avoid pain and abandonment for as long as they can.

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