August 17th
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Squid Suggested As Alternative To Cod

Thursday, February 1st, 2007 at 09:32 by Howard Spencer-Mosley

Come on, say it with me: “Squid ‘n’ chips”. “Squid ‘n’ chips”.

“What do you want with your chips, squid?”, “Yeah go on, squid me up.”

Sounds alright.

Scientists have released a list of marine species now under threat of total extinction due to over fishing. These include the Atlantic cod, the Atlantic haddock, salmon, skate and basically every kind of fish you might fancy battered with chips. But fret ye not lovers of the fish, hope comes in a weird and little bit scary shape.

Squid (mmm, thanks mum!) has been suggested as an alternative to all sea-treats as there exists no limitations on fishing them. Estimates suggest that off the shores of Cornwall alone up to 12 million tonnes of the tentacled ones could be caught each year and by the sounds of it in far safer circumstances than conventional fishing.

What you do (try it at home) is leave luminous buoys just off the seashore which then attract the creatures believing them to be tasty shrimp. They then get hooked on nets and are simply raised out of the water. So easy is this method, it has already been discussed in parliament about allowing back children to work on fishing trawlers. And down mines.

However the proposals have raised debate about the supposed intelligence of squid and whether it is ethical to fish them at all. Similar debate was started a few years ago after the intelligence of pigs was highlighted by a TV documentary, placing the mud-lovers within the top-eight intelligent life forms on Earth, a list that includes Dolphins, the great apes and us (phew!).

Cephalopods, which include octopus and squid, also scored very highly in intelligence tests recently carried out by Aberdeen University. Senan Ellis, a chap known as one of “Britain’s best squid hunters” (by who, I don’t know) says: “They look at you. They swim around the boat and give the impression they are very smart”.
Obviously not smart enough to swim away from one of “Britain’s best squid hunters”.

I’d eat them. Then again, I’d eat Dolphins; they’re far too clever to be left alive.

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One Comment on “Squid Suggested As Alternative To Cod”

  1. theo Says:

    At last the edge papa was always looking for to keep those pesky Chinese and Pakistani takeaways at bay. All those years when moussaka and houmous weren’t the takeaway of choice , when Greek was passe compared to the exotic Chinese dishes we could all choose from are over - or soon will be . Kalamari served simply with a twist of lemon and crispy potatoes will be the new fish and chips and keep approximately 200,000 Greek Cypriot fish and chip sellers in clover! I applaude this with salt and vinegar.

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