October 23rd
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Honey I Threatened To Feed The Kids To An Alligator

Thursday, February 1st, 2007 at 14:18 by Eliza E. Lanyard

It would appear that Erjan Ibrahim has an unusual method of trying to get his wife and stepchildren to do what he wants. Instead of taking childcare guidance from Super Nanny and the naughty step, he took his inspiration from Herod, Vlad the Impaler and Ivan the Terrible.

His discipline seemed to consist entirely of “do as I say or I’ll feed you to the alligators I keep in the basement” and he is now on trial at Northampton Crown Court on charges of one count of assault occasioning actual bodily harm, two counts of assault by beating and four counts of threats to kill.

He denies all charges but his wife has given evidence stating that if she didn’t do as wanted he told her that he would feed her and her children to his pet alligators.

According to prosecutors his behaviour became ever more controlling and bizarre over the course of their relationship - he even had the house fitted with CCTV so he could monitor his family’s behaviour at all times.

Aside from the dubious morality of keeping wild animals as pets in the first place, why not just threaten a child with loss of pocket money, an early bedtime or better still promise a particularly nice treat?  But “I’m going to feed you to the alligators”?

Its at times like this that I come over all Daily Mail Justice Avenger like, and if he is found guilty then I hope someone makes and carries out similar threats to him in prison.

A spokesman for the RSPCA, had one been available, would have said “Naughty children are not a balanced diet for alligators”.  The alligators might have disagreed. 

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