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67 Year Old IVF Mother Looking For Toyboy

Wednesday, January 31st, 2007 at 11:38 by Howard Spencer-Mosley

She⿿s 67 and has just given birth to twins. At 67.

Hang on, so when the kids are 10 she’ll be 77. When they’re 20 she’ll be 87. When they’re… you get it. Oh, and she’s single as well.

Spaniard Carmela Bousada (67) has revealed to various newspapers how she had to sell her home in Andalucia to afford the IVF treatment in California at a clinic where the cut-off age for women wanting the procedure is 55. She’s 67.

She has also revealed that to ensure the in-vitro fertilisation went ahead she lied to the US doctors and falsified both her birth certificate and passport before travelling back to Spain to give birth last month. It’s caused major ethical debate around the world with people wanting to know who will care for the twins once Bousada becomes too old to do it herself. In about six years.

I love stories like this, where idiots want sympathy for doing something stupid and selfish. Not only is she selling her story to the world press about how tired she is (probably just climbed some stairs), she’s also using it to snatch herself a younger man. 

“My mum lived to 101″, she said, “and there is no reason why I shouldn’t. I might have to have surgery to keep my looks though.”


She went on to describe how she will look after the twins Christian and Pau when they are toddling: “I’ll get one of those play pen things and leave them in there.”

I feel so sorry for these children (especially the one with the Teletubbie name) who will probably be raised in an institution once their mummy-gran pops it in the very near future. Carmela told The News of The World:

“I think everybody should become a mother at the right time for them. This was the only way I could achieve what I have always dreamt of.” Which I assume was giving her children a bad start in life.

She’s 67, by the way.

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