August 17th
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Manchester Wins Super-Casino Bid

Tuesday, January 30th, 2007 at 13:46 by RJ Barker

16-1 shot Manchester has won the right to build England’s first ‘Super-Casino’ beating Blackpool, Cardiff, Glasgow, the former Millennium Dome in the London borough of Greenwich, Manchester, Newcastle and Sheffield. I wish I’d put some cash down.

Snake Eyes

Personally I’m surprised the Millennium dome didn’t win as it already has itself imprinted on our subconscious as an all flash-and-no-content-drain-on-the-purse-strings. And I feel a bit sorry for Blackpool as it seems to be the natural home for a plastic, tacky warehouse full of fruit machines. But I guess they didn’t offer Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott the right type of holiday[1] the correct facilities.

The casino itself will be vast, around 5,000 M Sq with up to 1,250 unlimited jackpot machines. It will also have venues for live entertainment, restaurants, hotels, a swimming pool, a nightclub, conference facilities, although it doesn’t seem to have facilities to secure a loan on your mortgage pencilled in. Seems like someone’s missed a trick there.

Eyes down for a full house.

Manchester’s Beswick, in the east of the city, will play host to this money scouring behemoth and organisers have said it will provide a valuable opportunity for regeneration of one of, let’s face it, the more down at heel areas of the city. And there’s no getting away from the fact it will be a source of much needed jobs, both direct and indirect[2], and that it’s secured a ¬£265 million investment.

But there’s also no escaping the fact that it will sit like a great neon leech draining the money from those least able to afford it with promises of big wins (and the odds in small print). I’m not quite sure how you word that part of your bid. My version would involve the words “you’ll be fully comp’d”[3].

Daddy needs a new pair of shoes.

One of the reasons Manchester won is because of, “the way it dealt with questions of problem gambling”. Though details of just how they intend to watch 1,250 one-armed bandits on a 5,000 m Sq floor and make sure Granddad isn’t gambling away the family inheritance don’t seem to have been as forthcoming.

Truthfully, when I think about the super-casino and all it brings with it and why I’m against it - I could talk about the social impact and how these places pray on the people with the least hope. Or how they manipulate customers psychologically to just keep on betting. But, when it comes down to it I can’t help thinking, it’s all bit tacky innit?

1 A spokesman said, “I am pleased to say we have had no political pressure whatsoever.” -The Slant’s Not Ending Up in Court Dept.
2 Loan Sharks.
3 For the non-gambling savvy to ‘comp’ is to give free accomodation, drinks, meals, and various luxuries. It’s usually offered to high rollers. Never to the small gamblers who make up the casino’s bread and butter income.

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One Comment on “Manchester Wins Super-Casino Bid”

  1. theo Says:

    At last its official quasi gangsterism is here to stay on a new and more powerful level! This is the closest business model politicians have to their own party funding and management style. Casino management is a legal but borderline way of making billions and raising marginal funds from an overtaxed polpulation. The edge of ethical behaviour so loved by the shyster lawyer and dodgy brief, the shadowlands of service and patriotism are being mined by the nighthawks and dementors of the people for the remaining vestiges of their so called personal “responsibilities”. Are you weak willed, depressed, mentally lacking in self control plainly ill, deluded or plainly stupid? Then the government is not to blame , of course it isn’t and neither is it responsible! This is the edge of legitamet revenue raising more in common with American cowboy Westerns or single economy Monte Carlo expediency than a mature socially responsible western democracy. This decision once taken and never to be reversed marks a sea change in what we want, need, require as a nation and the money raised will be tainted with the blood of victims hat these vampires will surely drink with gusto.

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