June 28th
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Hammond Jet-Car Crash Aired On BBC.

Tuesday, January 30th, 2007 at 10:23 by Howard Spencer-Mosley

The BBC have finally aired the footage of Top Gear presenter Richard Hammond’s jet car crash which took place in an air field just outside York a few months back (just a few miles from my house - I didn’t hear it). Anyway, he got better, did his interview on Jonathan Ross and has started back on Top Gear, the new series of which started Sunday night on BBC 2.

Either through sheer coincidence or evil televisual ratings battles, it was shown at exactly the same time as the live Celebrity Big brother final on Channel 4. Ooooh. Who would win in the ratings war? A short journalist smashing his head up or a bunch of “celebrities” we??ve never heard of?

I would’ve thought by now that everybody was entirely bored of Hammond and his career-boosting brush with death, but according to the ratings poll, over eight million people tuned in to watch, beating Big Brother by nearly two million. This made me smile.

I must say, I like Top Gear and don??t hate me for this, but I like Jeremy Clarkson; he??s an entertaining man (”I can??t worry about the environment, I??m too busy going to parties”) and I respect how he has changed Top Gear from the dull magazine show with Quentin “Mr. Burns” Wilson into a genuinely enjoyably and interesting programme. He??s also introduced us to James “Capt. Slow” May, co-presenter and the matter to Clarkson??s anti-matter.

Hammond is there because he is the only one who can fit into all the tiny sports cars, but he??s also the risk taker and has previously been the guinea-pig for other motoring experiments (driving on water, being shot etc.) all of which are certainly better than watching Davina McCall being pregnant, or whatever it is she does.

She??s my fantasy celebrity kill, by the way.

Top Gear kept us watching until the very end of the hour-long show for the footage of the crash. We were finally treated to the full lowdown of the accident with jolly commentary by Hammond (’that’s when the tyre exploded’, ‘that’s when my head went into the ground’), quips by Clarkson, multiple camera angles and some fantastic ??to camera?? speeches made by Hammond on the day.

This was all well and good, with Hammond thanking all involved with saving his life and the gathered studio audience applauding him like a 9/11 fireman. Just before the show closed however, Clarkson did his usual piece asking for our return to the programme the following week adding: “And remember, speed kills.” We were then given a shot of Hammond patting himself down and shaking his head in rehearsed disagreement.


Oh well, my favourite part of the crash footage (which was wholly unimpressive) was when Richard shouted into the on-board camera after his last successful run in the jet car ?? at 314mph: ??I am SOOOOO alive!!!!!?

If only he??d died. Clarkson would??ve had a field day.

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2 Comments on “Hammond Jet-Car Crash Aired On BBC.”

  1. Stephen Ball Says:

    “She??s my fantasy celebrity kill, by the way.”

    Damn, another top 5 to think up. …Oh, this one appears to be very easy.

  2. theo Says:

    Yes MaCall - deeeeath! A la Simpson.

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