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Bono At The World Economic Forum

Tuesday, January 30th, 2007 at 10:54 by Sue Stewart

A shindig⿿s been going on in Davos (which sounds too much like the boss Dalek to be anything but unsettling, really) and all the world’s great have been there. Or the powerful, at least. And maybe one “good” - U2 frontman and high profile speak-outer, Bono.

Bono, billed by The Independent as second only to Nelson Mandela as “the man most politicians and businessmen need to be photographed with so that people don’t think they’re evil”, has been a guest speaker at the £25K per head World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. Established in 1971 by Swiss professor of economics, Klaus Schwab, this conference has the aim of bringing heads of business and politicians together to iron out the world’s problems.

Telling one another how fab and groovy they are just for being there probably features quite a bit, too. Sharon Stone and Angelina Jolie aren’t attending this year, which reduces the glamour factor, but the prospect of being photographed with Bono seems to have tempered the blow somewhat.

The idea is that among the programmed events and parties, informal meetings take place. Concepts can be thrashed out, points of view exchanged and basic agendas set for the future. Most of this will take place behind closed doors, in a warm and fuzzy atmosphere of mutual co-operation - you know, the glow of knowing that they can forget all about it if things get a bit too awkward.

Of course, politicians do that with minuted and formal stuff, too, and people sometimes kick up a fuss, but not enough to make a difference. Except, possibly, when the person kicking up the fuss is your fabbest and coolest guest speaker.

You may remember the 2005 G8 summit at Gleneagles, where much was made of the grooviness of a commitment to double aid to Africa by 2010. Bono certainly remembers it, and wanted to make sure that the politicians at the WEF did. After all, they were at Gleneagles, too.

“There were some serious promises made,” he said. “The cheques were signed but, as you know, politicians like signing cheques but they don’t like cashing them.” Not content with that, he told the gathering that failing to honour their promises would constitute “corruption of the highest order”.

You have to admire his cheek, unless you’re Tony Blair or Gordon Brown, I expect. The only thing that baffles me is Bono’s warning that failing to pay up risks creating “a generation of cynics”. What do you mean, “creating”? And just one generation?

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