August 17th
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George Bush’s Daughter Has A Book To Publish

Thursday, January 25th, 2007 at 10:46 by Sue Stewart

I don‚??t usually approve of taking pops at people just because they have famous parents. It‚??s too easy, it‚??s too obvious and it‚??s frequently unfair.

In the case of George W. Bush‚??s daughter Jenna, though, I‚??m prepared to make an exception.

I don‚??t mind that she was done for buying alcohol when she was underage; I don‚??t mind that she‚??s rumoured to be a party animal who‚??s never done a real day‚??s work in her life. To be honest, it‚??s pretty much what I‚??d expect.

I don‚??t even mind the way that some people keep referring to her as ‚??The First Daughter‚??, even though she‚??s a twin, or when they remember that she‚??s a twin, saying ‚??The First Twins‚??, as though there have never been twins before. Again, it‚??s only what I‚??d expect, though it does tend to make me sigh, ‚??Oh, somebody pass me a bucket.‚??

But as a sometime writist and worker, I do get rather tetchy when I see her swanning around with a shit-hot lawyer and agent in tow, hawking a proposal for a book that she hasn‚??t even thought through yet. It‚??s supposedly a chapbook for young adults, based on her experiences in South America. (Working with charities, presumably, not running drugs or guns. Though that would make interesting reading.)

The really telling thing about this news is the phrase: ‚??One source said Ms. Bush is working with a photographer to get pictures of the children and young adults she met in Latin America.‚??

To get pictures? To get? Wouldn‚??t it have been a good idea to get the pictures while she was actually doing the work (though I can‚??t help wondering whether the words should be in inverted commas in this case), rather than paying a photographer to go back and get them as an afterthought? You know, now that she‚??s been told how she can cash in on her charity work?

Oh, silly me. She is her father‚??s daughter, after all.




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