October 23rd
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Staring Into The Jaws Of Death (Literally)

Wednesday, January 24th, 2007 at 16:11 by Matt Rhodes

An Australian abalone diver, Eric Nerhaus, 41, has survived an attack from a Great White Shark.

Eric was diving off the coast of Cape Howe, New South Wales when the 3m-long shark grabbed him by the head. He managed to escape by poking the fish in the eye.

Friend and fellow diver, Dennis Luobikis, said the creature swallowed Eric’s head, crushing his mask and breaking his nose. ‘Eric is a tough boy, he’s super-fit…But I would say that would test anyone’s resolve, being a fish lunch.’

Ah, the Australians, masters of the understatement.

Mr Nerhause was dragged to safety by his 25 year old son. He was then rushed to hospital where doctors said his condition was serious but stable. ‘When he came to us he was conscious and alert but had a broken nose and lacerations to both sides of his torso and chest - bite marks all the way round.’

Australia has the highest shark attack statistics in the world; at least 15 a year with at least 1 being fatal. There are also over 100 incidents reported each year world-wide with 5 being fatal.

The best way to survive a shark attack is to hit it in the face using anything you have to hand, like a camera or spear gun. Grabbing the gills on the side of the head hurts them quite a lot as well. Playing dead does not work but looking the shark directly in the eye does. (Somewhat difficult if it has your head in it’s mouth)

Oh, and don’t panic…

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One Comment on “Staring Into The Jaws Of Death (Literally)”

  1. Jim Kay Says:

    Don’t panic! Christ. I think i’d just have to hope that the stench of me simultaneously pissing and soiling myself would put it off.

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