August 17th
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Skanky Goes to Bollywood

Wednesday, January 24th, 2007 at 14:16 by Sarah Malaise

Big Brother Bogeywoman Jade Goody is set to tour India in an attempt to mend race relations - and her public image

The disgraced reality TV star has revealed that she has been invited to visit the country after her comments about a fellow Celebrity Big Brother contestant, the Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty, sparked an international race row.

‚??I don‚??t know who by, but they are high up people,‚?Ě Goody told Channel Five‚??s Matthew Wright, with characteristic insight.

Wright shares an agent with Goody, and her appearance on his daytime phone-in show was part of a carefully managed campaign of appearances planned to try and restore her reputation.

With the tabloids baying for her blood, and the threat of violence hanging over her home and family, perhaps she‚??d do well to get out of the country for a while. We just wonder what George Orwell would have had to say about it.

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8 Comments on “Skanky Goes to Bollywood”

  1. Alan Says:

    I wonder what she will do there.

  2. Legion Says:

    Hopefully she will be lynched, live by the sword die by the sword…

  3. Frictionfiction Show Says:

    A few photo shoots with Gordon Brown, who’s also visiting. Her agent must have worked extra hard to get that gig. Still, it’s probably the only gig she’s getting at the moment.

  4. Rhys Wilcox Says:

    “live by the sword die by the sword”? What?

    How does an outburst of ignorance equate to a lynching?

    Hopefully the trip will calm things down because there won’t be as much media spin on the events and the entire nation will realise she is a div.

  5. Legion Says:

    Like we need a trip to india to realise she’s a div?? From what I saw on the news her “ignorant outburst”, prompted angry mobs and effigy burning, lynching tends to follow that kind of behaviour. The trip won’t happen anyway because Jade Fish ‘n’ chips has been denied a visa by the Indian Government. Thank God her tedious little “career”, is finally falling to pieces. This has nothing to do with media spin and everything to do with viewer complaints and blatant bigotry. By live by the sword, die by the sword I meant her entire fame is based on being a Z-list celebrity from big brother with a big mouth and no brains, and for the very same reasons her career is now over. Surely even Jade could understand that?……………….maybe not!

    Goodbye Jade! Thanks for nothing, your scrapheap awaits!

  6. Sarah Malaise Says:

    Come in, Ms Goody, your fifteen minutes are up. Indeed.

    I do think she has been scapegoated somewhat, though. There’s a difference between ignorance and prejudice, and while I’m not denying that her comments were offensive, they were founded entirely on the former.

  7. Sue Stewart Says:

    Harper Collins aren’t going to put out her autobiography in paperback now.

    First he pulls the plug on OJ’s book, now he’s ditching the next run of Jade’s. Seems that Mr Murdoch has lost his taste for controversy lately.

  8. theo Says:

    If Jade goes to india parhaps she will take time not just to tour the three star hotels she is used to but she takes time to visit the slums of Colcutta she seems so in tune with or perhaps a vist to a orphanage or some such charitable organisation. maybe she will meet Madhur Jaffrey for a cooking lesson in indian vegetarian cooking , an art over 5000 years old, or maybe a recitation of the Vedas accompanied by anyone of ten thousand musicians. Or will she simply shmooze the india tourist board who sanitise her visit and turn it into a media frenzy that resetablishes her as an acceptable option in our magazines? the truth is that she still has column inch value even if her its her sorry state thats the story. I feel as if a vampire has just had a goblet of blood poured over her self immolated ashes and that she is resurrecting before our very eyes hammer horror style. Thank God for a good agent….

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