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Ninja Cats Stick It To The Man

Tuesday, January 23rd, 2007 at 12:21 by Matt Rhodes

Unsigned British band 7 Seconds Of Light have reached an out of court settlement with fizzy pop colossus Coca-Cola after their material was used without permission in an advert shown in South America.

The song ‘Ninja’ whose video features dancing ninja kittens was created by lead singer Joel Veitch of
[1]. Fans of the band directed him to an advert pointing out the similarities. Veitch said: “Whenever someone sees something that looks vaguely like my work, usually it’s simply not true.” This time however, after seeing the piece online, Veitch said he was filled with ‘righteous anger’ (like a superhero) because the whole work had been copied.

The band were awarded an undisclosed sum and are giving the money to two British charities, the rest is to be spent on the band. Coca-Cola commented: ‘The creative talent of 7 Seconds Of Light is quite evident (which is why we nicked the idea) and we wish them all the best.’ I added a bit to that. Following the case the advert has been removed from the air-waves and the band retain the rights.
Veitch’s work has become quite popular recently and his animations can be seen on adverts for Maestro Debit Cards, Crusha Milkshakes and Virgin Trains. The song ‘Ninja’ will be released in the next few weeks. Veitch said: ‘It’s really good for the band. You never know, maybe we could get into the charts.’

Yes! A victory for the little guy. Stick that in your pipe and smoke it Coke! Don’t mess with us Brits, especially a disgruntled indie band with a fetish for cats and a cult website, you will always lose.

1. We like - RJ.

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