August 17th
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Dome On The Roam

Saturday, January 20th, 2007 at 13:55 by Mark Livett

A roadshow featuring a 20ft inflatable dome is about to start appearing in the shopping centres of the North in a last ditch attempt to convince the Industrial Capital of England that Carbon Emissions are bad. 

And who is bringing this startling “news” to the people? None other than Scottish Power, a company whose chief export is Carbon Emissions!  

The road show will focus on how greenhouse gases are not caused by giant fossil-fuel-burning power plants but in fact by northerners who wantonly boil a kettle with too much water in it or leave their mobile phone charger plugged in.

It’s not all doom and gloom though, fortunately they have the answer to world climate change, they are going to get the public to reduce climate-changing carbon emissions by… buying a special light bulb.  Well that’s me convinced!

But what brought on this sudden need to educate the masses? Apparently “research” conducted by the Climate Dome Team across the North East revealed that most people have heard the terms “climate change” and “global warming“, but many do not appreciate the immediacy of the issue. 

They call it research, I call it bothering shoppers along the high street.  Among probing questions such as “Have you heard of Global Warming?” and ”When do you think it is going to happen?” was the often repeated “Would you like a copy of the Big Issue?”

And who’s idea was it to bring a dome along? Can no one recall the success of the last dome?  Plus this one is going to spend the next 15 months being inflated and deflated and how do you think they will do that? By hand? Or with a petrol generator driven pump perhaps?

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