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Shock As American Psychics Proven Completely Wrong

Friday, January 19th, 2007 at 12:24 by RJ Barker

On the 11th January 2006, Shawn Hawbeck of Richwoods, Missouri went missing after leaving home on his bike to visit a friend. Despite a Police investigation and appeals from his family he was never found. His Parents, Pam and Craig Akers were understandably, grief stricken and desperate to find their son.

Step in top US daytime chatshow host, Montel Williams and his show’s Psychic Sylvia Brown. Brown makes regular appearances on Montel’s show and is considered one of the US’s best known psychics. On the 12th February 2006 the Akers appeared on the Montel show, with Brown, who told them that their son was “no longer with us” and advised she thought his body was in “A wooded area, 12 miles southwest of Richwoods.” She offered a few more details of the area and went on to describe a large dark skinned man with dreadlocks who had kidnapped Shawn.

The Akers also appeared on James Van Praagh’s Beyond TV show, he also confirmed the death of the boy but gave differing descriptions of where the body was (he advised a railway worker was involved and the body may be in a rail car).

There could be a whole article on the questionable morals of people who use the misery of others for entertainment purposes but this isn’t it. And I’m of the opinion the news “your son is dead,” whether delivered by a policeman or an Indian spirit guide called Jim, is the sort of news that should be delivered in private, not on prime time television.

But sometimes, I’m glad it is on primetime TV.

Because on 12 January 2007, Shawn Horbeck and another boy, William Ben Ownby, were found by police who went to an apartment in Kirkwood, Missouri, to serve a warrant. Five days later the manager of a Pizza Parlour was arrested. This is fantastic news for the families involved.

Rather less so for a couple of Bigtime psychics who will probably be looking for jobs on ‘the other side’ now they’ve shown their TV bosses they’re not quite up to scratch.

The Slant is thankful England’s own Derek Acora remains so absolutely believable.

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2 Comments on “Shock As American Psychics Proven Completely Wrong”

  1. fiona Says:

    my spirit guide(smirnoff) says the psychics were right. he was probably ‘on the other side’ ok the other side of missouri perhaps…..sorry but tv psychics should be banned.

  2. theo Says:

    Do I have to die to find out otherwise? Can’t wait - I’m going sooner than later.

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