September 15th
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Educated Women Are Binge-Drinking Champions

Friday, January 19th, 2007 at 11:47 by Ellen Phillips

Educated women in their early 20s are apparently knocking back the beers far faster than their less-educated sisters. But by the time they reach their early 40s, those less-qualified women are 2.7 times more likely to binge-drink than women with degrees.

Researchers believe this could have something to do with differing ‘drinking cultures’ in different kinds of jobs and social circles… Let me see, now…

A girl leaving school at 16 and getting a job in a shop while still living at home means that a greater proportion of pay can go on, ooh, going out with mates and getting completely ratted. But by the time that uneducated shop-girl hits her 20s, maybe has a boyfriend, she wants her own space, and her parents want their home back. Presumably having had enough of her coming in drunk for the past few years.

That’s when she finds out that the rise in house prices, both mortgage and rent, means that all of the fairly low pay she’s on will have to go on bills, or she’ll have to move back in with her parents, who are enjoying having the house to themselves for the first time in 20 years.  Which means that she’s got to stop binge-drinking.

Whereas a woman who’s stayed on at school, got a degree, and has spent the past few years getting drunk on cheap beer as a student, leaves university and gets a decent job. Which probably pays about twice what my first three or four jobs as a graduate did - not that I’m bitter… And, like my first (incredibly low-paid) professional job, it probably involves lots of ‘team-building’ down the pub. Oh look, lots of cash and a pub culture, still remembering those student benders, what happens? Lots of binge-drinking.

By the time both women hit their 40s, the one who got the degree has advanced in her career and found out that there are far more fun things to do than just getting pissed. Whereas the woman who didn’t get a degree is still stuck in low-paid boring jobs, and has figured out that she’ll be stuck there until she dies. Which is enough to drive anyone to drink.

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One Comment on “Educated Women Are Binge-Drinking Champions”

  1. fiona Says:

    so where did i go wrong?? almost hitting my 40’s and have no binge drinking experience to show for it

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