August 17th
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Big Brother is Bullying You

Wednesday, January 17th, 2007 at 15:33 by Matt Rhodes

Yet again Celebrity Big Brother has caused the normally protected world of the fame gob to be seen and heard in all its glory. Nearly 13,000 complaints have been made about the bullying and borderline racist abuse of Bollywood star, Shilpa Shetty.

The Witches Of Endemol, Jade Goody, Jo O’meara and Daniella Lloyd have joined forces and taken it upon themselves to ridicule and alienate this poor woman.

It’s difficult to tell at this moment in time whether comments such as ‘Indians are thin because they undercook their food’ is in fact racist or just out and out stupidity[1], but ignorance breeds racism and the Big Brother house certainly isn’t short of the former.

It’s a stark reality that Jade, now a multi-millionaire after being in the house the first time around, has not gained any brain cells whatsoever, and Daniella’s claim that she came top of a WAGS I.Q. test, must mean that the rest of them can’t do anything other than hum and blink, though not at the same time. Obviously.

The dangerof this is that it could have repercussions way beyond Big Brother itself with extremists on both sides of the argument baying for blood.

Whether or not it has been construed as racism by Shilpa is another matter as we all know that editing can play tricks with the mind, but that still doesn’t defend the schoolyard antics of three grown women, one of whom was bullied to tears the first time she entered the house.

If careers were looking to be resurected/furthered by this excersise then I think The Witches are in trouble. In a world where the media gives fame out like sweeties it can so easily be taken away.

1. After the ‘food’ comment our money is on stupid -Ed.

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9 Comments on “Big Brother is Bullying You”

  1. Eliza E. Lanyard Says:

    The witches of endemol - LOL, marvelous description. Don’t think Jade’s perfume sales are going to increase after this.

  2. Sarah Malaise Says:

    Hmm, how can I say I think you’re being a bit unfair on Jo without admitting that I have been watching Sleb BB?

  3. Stephen Ball Says:

    “Jade in ‘complete moron’ shocker.”

    Can it really be such a surprise that we get tension and insults when sticking an actual superstar (not to mention the legendary Dirk B) in with, well, Z-list scum?

    Haven’t been watching, so I can’t tell if the girls were just racist because they wanted to insult her any way possible, or if they’re actually ignorant bigotted freaks… but since Blair and Brown are in India right now, Endemol must be *loving* it!

  4. Rhys Wilcox Says:

    Jade’s services are no longer required by charity, Act Against Bullying. She’s been dumped.

  5. Sharon Says:

    Once upon a time Channel 4 tried to be ‘different’ & produce & broadcast quality programmes. Then they decided to go for the money & ‘entertain’ the masses. Though how something like Big Brother is ‘entertainment’, let alone ‘reality’ is just beyond me. I shall visit the library again. With books the pictures are better!

  6. Rory Stamp Says:

    Nice to read an article that hasn’t gone completely nuts about this. The Sun’s reaction to the whole debate has been especially interesting, given that Gary Bushell used to write for them. Oh - and the Daily Express asked what all the fuss was about, suggesting we should be concentrating on more important things. This was from the paper that holds the front page if a member of the Royal Family farts. Anyway, great article.

  7. fiona Says:

    jade brought out a perfume!? cant be that great cos i’ve never even seen it in any shops up here.

  8. Bal Says:

    I am indian and i was bulled in school by the likes of these three evil witches. These Z-list so called stars should not be given any air time on our tv’s. All three are complete morons. You only had look at Jade’s mother and listen to her remarks to know how Jade must have been dragged up.

  9. theo Says:

    Bal says what i went through too but was never compensated in fact i paid the price by flunking every exam or opportunity I ever had due to my internalised anger . Shilpa Shetty though has just a few days of bullying to be put through and the returnd will be fantastic. the other point is that this cynical piece of marketing has added millions to Edemol’s profile and surprise surprise.. its for sale. Yes folks its on the market for a incredible price and for what ? Its crap T.v , hardly challenging to the creativity of its participants, makers, workers, coordinators , directors or money pushers. The real disgrace is to the makers et al FOR being real rubbish when in fact they could be making programmes that inform, reveal, educate and awe. these people were once aspiring film makers, documentarists and true artists now they merely pay the mortgage and sleep the sleep we mostly all sleep that of past its.

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