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New Friend Blair’s All

Tuesday, January 16th, 2007 at 09:56 by Rhys Wilcox

The Mail on Sunday reports that Cherie Blair’s new best pal is an occultist, bisexual, ex-porn actress.

The Blairs have ignited another row over free holidays after spending their New Year hob-nobbing with celebrity friends, Robin Gibb and his wife, Dwina Murphy-Gibb, at their £4M Miami Beach home.

But it is because of Mr & Mrs Bee Gee’s hospitality that they now find themselves as the focus of a tawdry expose conducted by The Mail on Sunday. Supposedly the article is in the public’s best interests but ultimately just a great way to embarrass the King and Queen Clowns of the Commons.

So it’s not quite enough to have the Blairs ligging an exotic holiday in the wake of climate concerns over jet fuel consumption but more importantly that Mrs Murphy-Gee has a ‘history’. It’s good to see that the M.o.S. hasn’t lost its unique sense of irony when it comes to reporting about someone else’s sleazy lifestyle.

What’s perhaps more amazing are the lengths at which the paper goes to get a hold of this earth-shattering scoop - Murphy-Gibb’s ex-partner who has settled his life as recluse in Thailand.

I mean, really? Is there so little going on in the World that warrants this kind of tenuous reportage? The poor woman has got to live with her life’s decisions (the state of her conscience being her own business).  She has to live with the ignominy of having had her political ideals shunned because of her past. She has to live with a husband who looks like a cross between Peter Stringfellow and Beaker from the Muppets. And to top it all she’s used as an embarrassment factor against two of the shadiest individuals in British politics, in a paper I wouldn’t let my dog crap on, using testimony from a reclusive, mango growing, convicted porn smuggler.

Dwina Murphy-Gibb is probably standing there saying, ‘That Cherie Blair? How will I ever show my face again?’

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