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Fat Fighting Chewing Gum Developed

Tuesday, January 16th, 2007 at 11:35 by Rhys Wilcox

Following reports that the rising number of fatties in the country could end up crippling the NHS, science has come to the rescue again, and this time doesn’t involve genetically modifying anything. Not even a tapeworm.

The national statistics currently suggest that one person in every five suffers from obesity and, unless it’s curbed, could rise to one in three by 2010. Those of a satiating challenged state could find themselves heading down a path of health complications such as high blood pressure, back pains, diabetes, stretch marks, depression and heart disease. And where do you go running to (if you could run) when you start suffering?  Obesity related illness currently takes up about 9% of the NHS budget; £3.7bn a year.

Recent suggestions to fight the fatness have included dietary education, integrating gym machines with video games, drugs, surgery and including help numbers on the labels of over-sized clothes.

Scientists have decided to try attacking the problem at its root; the mouth. Research carried out at the Imperial College London have hit upon the idea of including a hunger suppressing hormone in chewing gum. Pancreatic polypeptide is produced by the body when the stomach is full, hence stopping most people from stuffing their face further. Natural hormone levels differ in everyone but are impeded by being overweight.

A treatment is being worked on to administer the hormone by injection, but lead researcher, Prof Steve Bloom, was struck by an epiphany that an oral treatment might work via chewing gum ??because obese people like chewing.?

Check out Professor Brainiac.

Encouraging test results have gained them a £2.2m grant to continue development.

In related news, Gingsters and Mr Kipling announce pancreatic polypeptide as the new chief ingredient of their products.

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One Comment on “Fat Fighting Chewing Gum Developed”

  1. Jislizard Says:

    Surely if they put hunger suppressing hormones in the chewing gum, after the first chew you would no longer feel hungry and would spit the gum out, thus you would only have had a small dose and would soon feel hungry again!

    If you are going to administer hunger suppressing hormones my advice would be to use a dart gun.

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