October 23rd
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Mutant Chickens Carry Cure For Cancer?

Monday, January 15th, 2007 at 15:23 by Rhys Wilcox

Genetically engineered chickens lay medically beneficial eggs.

The latest development in playing god has resulted in mutant chickens that lay eggs containing high levels of protein that are imperative ingredients to crucial medicines.

From the makers of Dolly, the cloned sheep, comes a whole flock of birds obviously not worthy of names because they’re not as cute and have a shorter lifespan. It is this latter quality that made the engineering much more expeditious because the scientists could witness each generation of their tinkering faster than if they used, say, elephants.

The other aspect of these birds is the sheer quantity of product that they will be able to generate simply on a few bags of grain and a rooster on viagra. Turning a simple KFC farm into a living pharmaceutical production line. The process would drastically cut the cost of medicine manufacture.

One of the easily harvested extracts from the eggs’ albumen is a protein, interferon, which can prevent viruses spreading through human cells. A second breakthrough is the production of antibody miR24 which is used in the treatment of skin cancer.

Happy with how the 15 years’ of work has progressed, head boff, Dr Helen Sang, says that they are still a way off before there can be any practical application. Although the antibody is present, it’s not really enough to make much impact. Allowing for successful trials, it could still be another ten years before there is a product available.

Allowing for successful trials and the hope that these chickens don’t mutate into 10 feet tall, hyper-intelligent sentient beings who enslave the human populace and coin the comedy phrase, ‘Tastes like human.’

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One Comment on “Mutant Chickens Carry Cure For Cancer?”

  1. fiona Says:

    Call me cynical but all this mucking about with animals,(thankfully its not bestiality) but as near as damnit as can be called,is sickening to me. I’m a great believer in if you find a cure or treatment fine but QUIT WITH ALL THIS GENETIC FIDDLING NONSENSE! There is areason for diseases,illnesses,viruses,bacteria etc and its called NATURE and NATURAL SELECTION. Note to all scientists, the words nature and natural are a bit of a hint here. Yes i would love it if they found a cure for cancer being no stranger to the disease itself but, animals are being subjected to even more inhumane practises than ever before. For a cure that may or may not work in the long run. We as man feel we have to interfere with nature and all its little foibles,but look at how much more damage we cause than good. ie mad cow disease…those wonderful boffins found a way to feed cattle cheaply and efficiently didn’t they til ‘whoops forgot to mention we are basically feeding our cows with cows’ thus introducind cjd into humans. but i digress and its time i came off my high horse and went for a smoke seeing as some scientist said recently nicotine helps aid digestion…never mind the fact i cough my lungs up; and think that although i may not die from bowel cancer my poor lungs are shot to hell. Oh and i’ll have poached eggs on toast for breakfast please….just in case

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