June 28th
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Beckham Excites Cyber Squatters

Friday, January 12th, 2007 at 22:29 by Rhys Wilcox

David Beckham’s decision to give up football in favour of soccer has caused a record number of bogus sites to appear.

Within hours of the announcement that ‘Golden Balls’ was moving from Real Madrid to play for US team LA Galaxy the internet was swamped by legions of ‘cyber squatters’ trying to cash in on fans’ eagerness for news.

Domain names containing every variation of ‘LA’, ‘Galaxy’, ‘David’, ‘Beckham’, ‘image’, and ‘whore’ were being registered all around the globe with the motive of being a top-list site on any Google search made. Unfortunately the resulting click would more likely direct punters to nothing more than a site of pay-per-click adverts rather than to another shrine of the mediocrity. Millions of hits could be attained because of an eager need for information only to earn the squatting site owner a whack of undeserved cash from the misdirected surfers.

But note this isn’t an expose of the leeches that live among us - because that’s not exactly news - but a report of one man’s self-perpetuating fame. An article about others profiting from a man’s fame which continues to spiral because of articles written about his fame.

Beckham’s worth is now based on an intangible element; a popularity that’s been prepared, basted and garnished by media coverage. It’s not based on any true merit - or, perhaps, no merit that could ever justify that much money - and even his value as a player has lessened recently with being dropped from the England squad and spending much of this season keeping Real’s bench warm with his bum. And the final straw of going to play ’soccer’.

His international infamy is going to earn him over £500,000 a week playing Major League Soccer and despite his recent career dips he still found the move to be, “an extremely difficult decision to make.”

The cynic in me thinks it may have more to do with the money and the excitement Mrs B must be feeling about moving to La LA Land than the love of the sport.

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One Comment on “Beckham Excites Cyber Squatters”

  1. Matt Freeman Says:

    It’s also about people’s continuing inability to use the internet properly. Surely, if you’re looking for news on David Beckham, you’d Google it or similar, or just go to the BBC site?

    Mr B, as it were, has placed money, fame and comfort ahead of challenging himself. According to some reports, he turned down Internazionale (probable Serie A champions this year) and AC Milan (another top Italian team) to go and play in the US.

    All his talk of “wanting to take the game to a new level in the States” rather over-estimates his own powers, and confirms to the rest of us that he has finally recognised he’s no longer capable of playing at the top level.

    And he’s given up on getting back in the England team, too.

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