November 28th
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The Death Of Ellie Lawrenson

Saturday, January 6th, 2007 at 14:03 by Michael Preston

On New Year’s Eve a little girl, Ellie Lawrenson, was attacked by the family dog and then bled to death in the living room of her home. She was five years old.The police confirmed that the owner, Ellie’s Uncle, had been twice warned about the dog’s behaviour. It was also established, (following a post-mortem examination on the dog) that it was an illegal cross breed pit bull terrier.

This kind of animal has been, due to legislation, prohibited since 1991 and it’s illegal to breed, sell or exchange this, or other cross-breed dogs with similar characteristics. When the Police arrived at the scene, the dog was so aggressive and wired that it took several shots to kill it.

All this news came as the family publicly announced that they were “absolutely devastated” at losing their “little angel”.

Forgive me for being a little unsympathetic here, but how can people be so bloody stupid and foolish?

I’m really, really sorry that this little girl is dead, and I realise that it’s tragic, but ultimately, this family owned an illegal, aggressive, attack dog that they left unmuzzled, in a house, solely occupied by the grandmother, (who is 46 apparently, hmmm…) and a five year old child.

There has been report after report for some years now of children being attacked by monster dogs. When exactly are people going to take responsibility for their choices and not have these kind of killers in their homes?

If you want a dog that’s safe around children, then get a King Charles Spaniel or a Chihuahua, not, a Pit Bull Terrier, a Rottweiler, a Japanese Akita, a Bulldog, a Mastiff or a dog that has an innate sense of aggression.

Note for the very simple: Dogs are descended from wolves.

I despair at these incidents, and of the death and the wasted lives that have been snuffed out, but before we mourn, I think we should consider, who is to blame.

One thing that’s sure, in this case, it’s not little Ellie Lawrenson.

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3 Comments on “The Death Of Ellie Lawrenson”

  1. liz Says:

    the dad says he was aware the dog was dangerous. so way didnt he do something about it .him and kiel the uncle are to blame. they could of taken the dog to the police station and had it put to sleep WHY HAVE A DOG LIKE THAT AROUND ANYONE DID IT MAKE KEIL LOOK BIG. the only sympthy i have is for ellie THE FAMILY NEVER PROTECTED HER .

  2. Michael Preston Says:

    I think you’re right.

    Ultimately, they had a small child, and left them in a house with a cross breed pit bull terrier. And the logic of this is…?

  3. liz Says:

    there is no logic The family pet takes a bite of a family member . ThERE WAS NOTHING DONE Then they leave a child with it The owner of the dog should be prosicuted and the council have to answer as well. MANY COMPLAINTS and nothing done If the council did the job mounths ago this would of never happened

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