October 20th
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Bush’s Face Used As “Vote For Us Instead” Message

Monday, September 18th, 2006 at 10:55 by Stephen Ball

The Congressional elections are coming up in the US, and George Bush is playing a big part - for the other team.

Democrats have been putting the unpopular President all over their posters, sometimes next to the policies that he’s blocked even though more than 50% of Americans wanted them. One image shows him looking particularly simian-like next to the words: “Stop gay marriage now, so Osama doesn’t get away”.

The Republican party is showing it can be mature in response, with “Democrats want to raise your taxes, cut-and-run in Iraq and give amnesty to illegal immigrants”. The old favourite “The Democrats are ‘weak on Terror’” has come up again, causing the usual hilarity.

Tony Blair faced a similar situation in the last set of local elections: candidates didn’t want to be seen in the same room as him in case it hurt their chances. Many campaigned on the basis that they’d voted against some of Blair’s proposals.

Meanwhile, in Rolling Stone magazine, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. has written an article stating that the 2004 election was stolen, claiming that 1-in-4 people turned up to vote in Ohio only to find that they’d been taken off the rolls and couldn’t. And that they were overwhelmingly democrat - enough to win Kerry the election.

Does this mean the Republicans could lose their domination of the House and Senate? Possibly. But then many people thought that was surely a certainly last time around.

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2 Comments on “Bush’s Face Used As “Vote For Us Instead” Message”

  1. Larry Spiegel Says:

    How come we don’t see or hear anything from The 2000 Presidential campaign where then Governor Bush and Chaney consistently attacked their opponents and then Presendent Clinton for “nation building “.

  2. Stephen Ball Says:

    It’d be a bit comedy if they did, seeing as it’s proudly written as a major long-term goal on the “Project for a New American Century” webpage, and most of Bush’s original lot were members…

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