October 20th
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Airport Security Measures To ‘Ease Off’

Monday, September 18th, 2006 at 16:29 by Rhys Wilcox

Current airport security measures are to be reviewed and potentially slackened by the Department for Transport.

Okay, I admit it; I’m jaded and cynical but, moreover, I’m genuinely confused.

Since the supposed heroic thwarting of airline bomb plots last month, airport security went a little bit loopy - ‘No bottles of liquid to be taken on flights. If you are taking bottles of baby milk then you will be forced to sample the milk in front of security to prove it is not liquid gelignite!’

These things always seem to be a case of, ‘Open stable door, horses out, NOW SHUT IT, QUICK!’

It’s been over a month since the Day Of Thwarting? and although the security has eased off somewhat (you can take newspapers on with you) there has still been a general phobia of anything remarkably ‘moist’ including such things as baby wet-wipes and runny noses* (’I'm sorry sir, but you are going to have to prove that it is snot’).

All these current impositions are to be reviewed now and potentially eased off. My point of confusion is not why security measures get so strict but why they are not always so strict?

I travelled on the day after the Day Of Thwarting? and was greatly put out by the sudden procedures. With two young children and an eight-hour flight ahead I dearly wanted to have something on board that would keep them in their seat and entertained. We couldn’t even buy them a comic each from WH Smiths.

However, had I known that this was going to be the case, and was always going to be the case, then tough. I would have to put up with it. After all, it was all in the interest of airline and passenger safety.

So I say, carry on with the current procedures and, if anything, make them stricter if it means the chances of these psychos getting on board are lessened. Eventually everyone will get used to it and the queues will go down and people will stop bitching and airlines will keep raking in their coffers.

And if it means there’s a chance of the next Harry Potter book going missing then even more reason.


*A blatant fabrication of the truth.

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