October 20th
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Take That Manager Meddles in Robbie’s Rudebox

Thursday, September 14th, 2006 at 14:15 by Sarah Malaise

The puppet master who put together the legendary boy band Take That has demanded that Robbie Williams pull a track from his forthcoming album because of the serious allegations it makes against him.

Nigel Martin-Smith, the cheesy fivesome‚??s former manager, has ordered Williams to cut The 90s or find himself at the sharp end of a law suit. Given that the singer refers to his old boss as an ‚??evil man‚?? in the new song, and describes how he fantasised about gouging his eyes out with a stanley knife,¬†we can‚??t say¬†we blame him.

Martin-Smith, whose battle with his ex-prot√©g√© dates back over a decade, is believed to have hired top defamation lawyer Andrew Caldecott, QC, to put pressure on Williams‚?? record company to remove the controversial material. It‚??s obviously working, as EMI have revealed in that the track has been dropped, at least for the time being.

A source revealed to The Sun newspaper that lawyers acting for the embittered pop egomaniac have agreed that no copies of the song or its lyrics will be released until the legal battle is resolved.

EMI‚??s statement said “The track has been removed from the album ‘Rudebox’ and should not be reviewed,” although the label has not yet made a final decision about its inclusion when the¬†CD is released on October 23rd.

Williams, who recently promised to give up singing altogether, may be forced to rework the lyrics if he wants to get The 90s back in the Rudebox, and quite right too! If it wasn‚??t for Nigel Martin Smith, Robbie would never have become a star and might still be doing a paper round in Stoke on Trent.

On second thoughts, maybe he had a point about the stanley knife.

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