October 25th
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Dartford Semi Contains ‘Biggest Ever’ Arms Haul

Wednesday, September 13th, 2006 at 19:27 by Simon Kimber

If you’re looking for a bit of illegal firearms action then you could do worse than popping to see a nice middle-aged man in a Dartford semi, opposite a primary school.  That was, at least, until around 6am this morning when police raided the place.

The 55 year old man arrested at the scene failed to convince anyone that he was simply keen on maintaining a reasonable level of home security and is now being held on suspicion of supplying firearms.

Officers say that it will take them at least three days to log all of the firearms.  Along with all the ammo strewn across the floors, the seized weaponry apparently covered almost every inch of wall space in the entire house, except for the bathroom.  Sometimes you just need get away from work for a bit, I guess.

The police briefing before-hand had to have been an interesting experience and we tip our virtual hat to the officers who drew the short straws after being told “Right lads, there’s this bloke in a semi in Dartford, armed to the teeth with pump action shotguns, rifles, M16s, revolvers, thousands of rounds of ammunition and, for all we know, bazookas, grenades, an Apache attack helicopter and a small tank regiment.  Who’s going in first?”

The UK raid, which also included two less abundant locations, followed an investigation into a spate of north-London gangland shootings and was run in parallel with a United States anti-arms-trafficking operation by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives in New Jersey.  We believe that US agents were shocked to hear of a suburban property in the UK that is thought to contain more than double the arsenal found in an average US family home.

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