October 20th
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Branded a Liar!

Friday, September 8th, 2006 at 08:12 by Sarah Malaise

Russell Brand put his legendary ball bags on the line at the GQ Awards, earning himself a lecture on the etiquette of philandering from elder statesman of the Womanising Circuit, Rod Stewart.

Celebrity sex pest Russell, 31, was on stage accepting the ‘Most Stylish Man of the Year’ award when he bragged about his antics with model Kimberley Stewart, but it was her famous father who walked away with the real style points for his damning riposte.

Brand dedicated his award to the singer, who, he claimed, had lambasted him for his excessive tabloid-hogging promiscuity. Avoiding the obvious pots & kettles jokes, Russell confided “But then, I did have a go on his daughter.”

The leathery lothario used his own acceptance speech to defend Kimberley’s honour and humiliate the irritatingly ubiquitous Channel 4 star, ordering him to stand up in front of the class and forcing him to admit that he had been lying.

“I never touched the girl,” stammered a timid Russell while the rest of the guests looked on in uncomfortable amusement. “Too fucking right, you didn’t!” insisted Rod “You mustn’t come up here and boast. I speak as a father”.

Rod Stewart’s award was in respect of his outstanding achievements. Making a total arse of Russell Brand in public is proof enough that it was well deserved.

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2 Comments on “Branded a Liar!”

  1. tyfach Says:

    I’ve never had much time for the gravel lunged blondaholic, but for this I doff my cap…

  2. Sarah Malaise Says:

    I know what you mean. I never thought I’d be applauding the leopard-skin letch, but it’s about time someone told Love Muscle Russell what a twat he is.

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