November 27th
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Crocodile Hunter Buys the Underwater Farm

Monday, September 4th, 2006 at 16:30 by Sarah Malaise

Wild animals around the world have uncrossed their legs and relaxed at the news of the death of Australia‚??s danger-loving Crocodile Hunter, Steve Irwin.

Naturalist and television personality Irwin was filming underwater off the Great Barrier Reef when he was struck by a stingray. While the venom itself was not particularly dangerous, the puncture wound from the stinger‚??s barb proved to be fatal. It pierced Irwin‚??s heart and paramedics from Cairns were unable to revive him.

Irwin came to worldwide attention during the nineties with his unconventional approach to wildlife documentary making, and programmes involving tracking dangerous creatures and making them angry. He attracted controversy a few years ago by feeding a crocodile whilst holding his baby son during a reptile show at his zoo.

The BBC reports that Irwin‚??s team were also the subject of an investigation to discover whether they ‚??interacted too closely‚?Ě with whales and penguins in the Antarctic, although no action was taken. Perhaps the penguins were too embarrassed to give evidence.

Australian Prime Minister John Howard, a friend of the Irwin family, paid tribute to one of his country‚??s best known celebrities. He expressed his sadness at the news, describing the star‚??s death as shocking, freakish and untimely. Not that unexpected though, surely, Mr Howard, considering how well known he was for getting up close and personal with deadly spiders, and sticking his groin into nests of rattlesnakes. I hope the fact that he died doing what he loved is of some comfort to his wife and two young children.

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2 Comments on “Crocodile Hunter Buys the Underwater Farm”

  1. Rhys Wilcox Says:

    I heard that he is only the fourth person in Australia to ever die due to stingray.

    I think there are about 100 a week in Truro.

  2. Sarah Malaise Says:

    The reports I have read suggest only one other person in Australia has been killed by a stingray.

    In Truro it would probably count as a mercy killing.

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