November 27th
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BA Goes Virtual With Google Earth

Saturday, September 2nd, 2006 at 13:37 by Simon Kimber

What better way to avoid the growing fears of air travel than not flying at all and visiting your chosen holiday destination from the comfort of your own computer chair?

Ok, so perhaps that’s not quite what British Airways had in mind when they decided to team up with Google’s virtual planet software, Google Earth, but at least the idea - to let potential holiday makers view high quality satelite images and detailed information on over 100 destinations - might help travellers avoid wasted money, regret and family arguments by showing them that the place they almost booked tickets to isn’t really very nice.

Google Earth, a free program which offers satellite images of almost the entire planet, is one of the few developments in recent years that has actually made people sit up and say “Wow!” at what can be achieved with computers and the internet.  Previously jaded geeks around the world instantly fell in love with it and now invariably use it as a method to make a non-geek friend’s jaw hit the floor as the program zooms in from space directly on to their house.

It’s of little surprise then, that capitalism has got a whiff and is looking for ways to make money out of it, although we have to admit that BA might have come up with something, dare we say it, genuinely useful!

The uninitiated can get Google Earth for themselves by clicking here. The British Airways addon is available as part of their September “Discover The World” promotion from this page.

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