November 28th
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Protesters Attempt To Shut Down Britain’s Biggest Power Station

Thursday, August 31st, 2006 at 22:25 by Simon Kimber

Thirty-eight protesters have been arrested following an attempt to storm a power station in the misguided belief that, once inside, they would somehow develop the technical skills required to permenantly shut down and disable the entire facility without killing themselves.

Many of the arrested were found in possesion of offensive weapons and various equipment for gaining entry to the power station, chaining themselves to railings, etc.  Much of this was found concealed about the persons of the protestors, or in one case, inside the body of a giant home-made ostrich. No, really, a giant home-made ostrich.

One bleeding heart hippie told the BBC, “Many of us are prepared to break the law, because the powers-that-be are addicted to planet-trashing economic growth”, before taking an extra large bite out of his Fairtrade tofu and lentil energy bar and launching into a sermon on the evils of capitalism.

Perhaps the powers-that-be just like light-bulbs, a “luxury” that around 7% of the population would have had to do without had the little eco-warrior army actually completed their mission.

The power station in question, Drax, in Selby, North Yorkshire, is the largest in the UK and the second largest coal-fired station in Europe. Now nobody debates that such stations are bad for the environment, but we can’t just switch them off without an alternative already in place or the entire country will be plunged into a massive energy crisis. 

The problem is there doesn’t seem to be an alternative that these people aren’t going to protest about.  Wind farms - Blot on the landscape, destroying the countryside. Solar farms - Ditto. And as for nuclear power, well that’s going to make us all grow an extra head and have babies with seven fingers on each foot.

So, protestors, how about giving all this protesting a rest, using your time a little more productively and actually coming up with some sensible suggestions that you’re not going to protest about. And no, that doesn’t involve making yourself an ostrich.

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3 Comments on “Protesters Attempt To Shut Down Britain’s Biggest Power Station”

  1. Stephen Ball Says:

    Giant. Home-made. Ostrich.

    I’m kinda torn on this one. Drax is the biggest, but arguably also one of the *cleanest* coal power stations.

    On the other hand, protesting seems to be all that’s left to the public. What are they going to suggest/debate that hasn’t been said already? Protesting - even the biggest protests seen in recent times, with record numbers of first-timers attending - are ignored by this government. We get to vote once every four years for a centre-right party that will then ignore public opinion. I think if they want to protest it and get on national telly, go for it.

  2. Sarah Malaise Says:

    There will be an even bigger protest if they close it. It’s one of the biggest employers in the area.

  3. Rhys Wilcox Says:

    Well, the energy crisis and famine through poverty is the next plan to reduce the over-population problem. Cleaner air + less people = everyone’s a winner.

    Apart from the dead people, of course, but you won’t hear them protesting.

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