October 23rd
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Big Brother Is Watching You

Monday, August 28th, 2006 at 21:14 by Rhys Wilcox

There are less than two years left before Labour’s ID card scheme gets underway and all our identity info gets stored into one secure, impenetrable, password protected, 8 digit pin shielded, retina scanned, fingerprint, CCTV and u-locked database.

Well, secure except against anyone inside the Home Office. And their mates, one would imagine. And anyone who might want to kidnap their families and hold them for ransom to access the database.

Anyway, apart from them, the Government assures us that all our collated identities will not be accessible for criminal intent and the £8 billion being spent will ensure that.  Not a moment too soon considering several Home Office staff have just been sacked for illegally accessing department computers.

These latest breaches were at the Identity and Passport Service (IPS) - which holds personal details of over forty-million people - the very place that will hold the ID card database if (god help us) the scheme ever gets off the ground. Three members of staff were dismissed and a fourth resigned before hearings had concluded.

But don’t worry, because a Home Office spokesperson said that the ID card database would be stored under a completely different system than the ones that have been hacked, on average, once a year since 2001.

He then winked whilst tapping his nose conspiratorially and whispered, “There’s a button in Windows that you can click to ‘hide folders’. That’s how I keep all my porn hidden from the missis.”*

*I made that up.

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