October 23rd
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Brummies are the Funniest People in Britain, Says Survey

Tuesday, August 22nd, 2006 at 20:30 by Sarah Malaise

Brummie is officially Britain‚??s funniest accent, according to a survey for Paramount Comedy. Dr Lesley Harbridge of Aberdeen University reached this conclusion by playing 4,000 long-suffering participants footage of the same joke being told in eleven different regional accents, and asking them to choose the version they found the most amusing.

A fifth of those surveyed chose the Black Country burr closely associated with such laughter merchants as Jasper Carrott, Lenny Henry and the bloke who plays Ron Weasley‚??s dad who so hilariously said ‚??We wanna bey‚?¶. tergevvvah!‚?Ě in that television commercial.

The Scouse retelling scored second place with 15%, closely followed by Geordie with 14%. Harbridge‚??s research also came to the remarkable conclusion that the humour value of each regional accent was inversely proportional to the perceived intelligence of each speaker.

The bad news for poshos is that the ‚??received pronunciation‚?? version was thought to be the least funny. Perhaps because people wot talk proper are used to more sophisticated humour than the survey’s joke:

Two workmen are eating sandwiches, balancing on a girder miles above the ground.“You ever get that urge, Frank? It begins with looking down from fifty storeys up, thinking about the meaningless of life, listening to dark voices deep inside you, and you think, ‘Should I?……… Should I?………..Should I push someone off?”

The Glaswegian accent was second to least popular, but it is unclear how many of the participants actually understood it.

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