June 19th
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MPs embroiled in scandalous ‘honesty’ scandal

Friday, August 18th, 2006 at 10:49 by Stephen Ball

As previously noted, John Prescott’s use of the term “crap” to describe George Bush’s performance in the Middle East wasn’t… well, it wasn’t very shocking. Or in any way untrue.

Since it was also fully in line with public opinion, the event could even be seen as a good PR move.

None of which excuses the appalling behaviour of several MPs today, when they issued statements to ‘The Independent’ newspaper in a blatant attempt to steal food from the table of hard-working Slant writers. I mean, how are we supposed to compete with straight-talking answers like these?

Ian Davidson (MP for Glasgow South-West)
“I think that John Prescott is to be commended for the quality of his political analysis. His comment on American policy is brief and accurate.”

That’s precisely what I was going to write yesterday! You can’t say that!

Ken Livingstone (Mayor of London)
“The current US administration has been a disaster for the American people and has done untold damage not only to international relations but to the environment.”

Jon Trickett (MP for Hemsworth)
“The actions and language of the British Government are actively hindering the prospects for peace in the Middle East; simultaneously enhancing the threat from terrorism… Our historic influence with Arab countries has been squandered.”

John Austin (MP for Erith and Thamesmead)
“If John Prescott did say it, then it touches a chord with many of us… American foreign policy is a major contributor to the crisis in the Middle East… and its failure to ensure adherence to UN resolutions regarding Palestine, and its failure to progress the road map.”

Martin Salter (MP for Reading West)
“It is abundantly clear that the Bush administration has been less than enthusiastic in pursuing the Middle East road map, and indeed many of its policies have actually inflamed the situation rather than sought to resolve this long-standing conflict.”

What are these jokers up to? They’re MPs for goodness sake, they should have had the honesty reflex beaten out of them long ago. Give me something to work with, people… oh, it’s no good.

Tony Blair struggled when the Conservatives announced they loved his policies (because they were exactly the same as the ones Margaret Thatcher came up with) and now cynical Slant writers who only exist to challenge the spin and lies of the establishment through witty and knowing news pieces are left with nothing. Nothing! They stole all my best lines… I could’a been a contender…

(This writer is going home until MPs are once again the usual pack of lying, contemptible weasels we all know and love.)

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