August 17th
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Big Brother Final

Friday, August 18th, 2006 at 16:04 by Sarah Malaise

The seventh series of the inexplicably popular Channel Four freak show Big Brother reaches its climax this evening. The remaining six inmates of the prefabricated Elstree bungalow, which has more in common with the baboon enclosure at Blackpool Zoo than with George Orwell‚??s draconian vision, will be released back into the community in front of a handful of tabloid photographers and an anticipated 100 000 strong baying mob.

The race for the ¬£100k prize money looks set to be between flamboyant musician Pete Bennett and self-styled Ghetto Princess¬† and “promotions girl” Aisleyne Horgan Wallace, though of course the real competition, for magazine deals, glamour shoots and a few coveted places on the dizzying heights of the C list celeb circuit was decided weeks ago.

The first series of Big Brother, best known for the nefarious antics of ‚??Nasty‚?? Nick Bateman and his notebook back in 2000, heralded the inception of the reality television genre. More recent series however, have been about as realistic as Footballer‚??s Wives, only with more breast implants and hair extensions.

The line up of desperate attention seekers becomes more improbable every year, and production company Endemol have faced criticism for exploiting its dangerously unstable participants, though personally ¬†I think they should be congratulated for keeping the nutters off the streets. It‚??s a telling indictment that the sanest person in this year‚??s Big Brother, Tourette‚??s syndrome sufferer Pete, is the only one with a recognised neurological condition.

It pains me to think that a large proportion of Big Brother‚??s fan base has probably never heard of, let alone read 1984. I‚??d suggest calling in the Thought Police, but I doubt they‚??d find a single one.

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One Comment on “Big Brother Final”

  1. Stephen Ball Says:

    “inexplicably popular Channel Four freak show”

    What a completely accurate description!

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