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New Labour Create ‘A Crime A Day’.

Wednesday, August 16th, 2006 at 15:40 by RJ Barker

It’s a little known fact that since New Labour came to power theyâ??ve brought in a new crime for every day of their rule. Some, like the ban on hunting with dogs, have been well publicised. Others, well, some of the others just seem a little odd. Did you know it is now illegal to import Polish potatoes without telling the authorities? And we have to pity the poor men who make their living selling grey squirrels and ruddy ducks as itâ??s likely to land them in trouble with the law.

Lib Demâ??s, who have added up all the crimes, say the Government is obsessed with “controlling the minutiae of everyday life”.

Most of the new crimes have come from the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (formerly The Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food.) with a whopping 640. Hot on its heels comes The Department of Trade and Industry with 592 and coming in an honourable third is the Home Office with 430.

Lib Dem home affairs spokesman, Nick Clegg said, “This provides a devastating insight into the real legacy of nine years of New Labour government.â?ť

Was squirrel smuggling such a problem it required the attention of the authorities? Are grey squirrels somehow linked to the threat of terrorism? Are Polish potatoes coming into our country and pushing good, honest, hardworking British potatoes out of their well-earned place in the nation’s deep fat fryers? More to the point, how have so many laws got through with the majority of the nation remaining largely unaware?

In the nine years of Conservative rule prior to New Labour taking power only 500 new crimes were added to the primary legislation.

Tough on crime, tough on creating new crime.

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